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5 Places that Banish the Monday Blues

We have all had the Monday Blues at some point – and just because Durban is a sunny oasis from the hustle and bustle, doesn’t mean we all get to escape it all the time… unfortunately we all have to get some work done at some point – sadly…

Durban monday blues

We’ve compiled a list of spots to visit in your lunch hour – or even after work, that are bound to lift your spirits!

1.  Afro’s Chicken

afro-s-chicken durban

Yes, I know – that little yellow container gets a lot of press – but that is with good reason!  Their perfect, juicy chicken is unmatched, and the vibe at the beachfront shop is right up there with a full blown holiday – and now they’ve opened up shop in the bustling Churchill Street too – so theres no excuse not to get that monkey off your back on a Monday anymore!

visit their site here

2. Surf Riders

A less publicised cousin – Surf Riders is a short way from Afro’s and features a very spiffy many, and you can’t help but love everything about the place – from the way you’re served to the view from their dining area… and their desserts are nothing short of phenomenal!

visit their Facebook page here

3. Sand Bar

Just a short drive from Durban in uMhlodti is a true oasis of a cocktail bar – Sand Bar offers cocktails, meals, and an unparalleled view of the ocean from the beach – I can think of no better place for an after work tipple, can you?

visit their site here

4. Lucky Shaker

uMhlanga’s new cocktail bar is causing quite the stir among Durbanites, as they are really being noticed for their fresh, authentic cocktails and that perfect atmosphere that’s a cross between sophistication and artisanal decor, making it very relaxing.  They serve everything from premium spirits and beers to margaritas and champagne. Totally worth a stop-over on the way home!

visit their site here

5. California Dreaming


California Dreaming is right on the Golden mile – and the vibe is very cosmopolitan indeed, it’s a great place to unwind and people watch as you sip your beverage of choice – snacking on a platter for one maybe? (or two!)  This newcomer has changed the landscape of the beachfront and added a touch of class to a surfers paradise – stop on by anytime for a good relaxing treat!

visit their site here


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