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Barefoot from CPT to DBN for Breast Cancer

It took breast cancer to strike twice, once fatally, to spur a man on to take to the road, barefoot, from Cape Town to Durban, to raise awareness for the disease. Paul Ucheck’s wife died twenty years ago from breast as she never discovered the lump in time. “Last year, my daughter luckily discovered a lump.

She has now been successfully treated and will survive because early detection is the key to survival,” he said. Ucheck decided, for his own healing, to make a difference, even in a small way.

“I decided to walk barefoot for cancer awareness from Cape Town to Durban. It has not been an easy journey, but so worth it,” he said.

Although he was concerned about all types of cancer he concentrated his efforts on breast cancer. Awareness of cancer is not enough, it requires follow-up action.

Women need to have regular check-ups but equally important they need to do monthly self-examinations too. What you are looking for is any physical change and a poster indicating the most important signs are available on the web at www.cancervive.co.za,” he said.

But awareness does not stop cancer, early detection can. Many women out there now have breast cancer but do not know it. “We should strive to reach all of them. As time ticks away, their fight will be that much harder. We can all help to save lives by doing regular checks and to convince our loved ones to do the same. Don’t forget, awareness does not stop cancer – early detection can,” he said.

Paul Ucheck
Paul Ucheck

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