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Robsons On Point Brewery Tour

This Beer Tour Is On Point!

Literally!  Robsons On Point – Robsons Real Beer is offering a fantastic tour of their brewery and it’s sure to delight craft beer lovers and newbies alike.

I’m not ashamed to say that I like beer – as a girl it’s not always the most “posh” drink, but for me, little can compare to a cold beer on a summer day. (Or in Durban’s climate, any day).  We have long been fans of Robsons Craft Beer – from their early days traveling to markets and delighting with their imaginative packaging and “shlepping” from Shongweni.  Now the oldest micro-brewery in South Africa has a new home, nestled in the newly regenerated Point Waterfront precinct and boasting some impressive hipster real estate at 72 Mahatma Gandhi Road.  The brewery fits right in with the vision for the area, and certainly is leading the way for trendy establishments to make a presence in the area.

Brian Stewart, master brewer and his two sons are the very proud proprietors of Robsons, and their love and passion for craft beer is unmistakable.  Brian is the chairman of Craft Beer South Africa  and is absolutely one of the most knowledgable brewers I have met.  The tour, led by Brian himself will delve into the ingredients and processes involved in beer making, as well as the origins of ingredients and beer types.  The brewery tour is finished off with a tasting of some of their award winning beers, like East Coast Pale Ale and Hammer Of Thor (not for the faint of heart!)  You’ll also be treated to a nibble on some of their incredibly delicious cuisine, made with love and care – and you can taste it!  *side note: try the Ribs!

We certainly enjoyed our tour and nibble! I can’t wait to return on a non-work day and indulge a little more in the Hammer of Thor!

Book your brewery tour with Robsons for just R80p.p here

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