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The Consol Craft Beer Revolution Experience

This weekend I experienced the first Consol Craft Beer Revolution at SunCoast. With 7 craft breweries ready for action, a wine stall, cocktail area, 4 stalls offering gourmet street food and live music; I was destined to have a good time!

The breweries and other drinks
This day was mainly about the craft beer brewers in Durban and they really came to the party with some interesting beers for the tasting! My first stop had to be Robsons, where I had a Cheeky Cherry craft beer. From my Cheeky Cherry craft beer to a Watermelon craft beer from The Standeaven Brewery. From sweet tastes to something bitter, the Two Okes Brewery Coffee ale was a bit too strong for my liking, but for coffee lovers it could have been a good choice. A favourite for the day had to be Darling Brew’s Knight Mist, which was like eating candy floss – not that it was sweet, instead when you took a sip it evaporated into air, which made you want more; it wasn’t bitter or sweet. I was pleasantly surprised with the choice for women at the craft beer festival. There not only was the fruity versions of craft beer, there was a wine and cocktail stall! I tried the rum and raspberry sorbet cocktail, which I must say was way too delicious; it was dangerous!

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The Gourmet street food
You couldn’t walk passed a stall without staring at the incredible food on display. The first food stall I passed was the Madison Bakery offering up their delicious pizzas and sweet treats. On the other end of the stalls was Fudart’s gourmet burgers and food in a jar. It was difficult not to sit all day and eat a bit of everything on offer. Around the corner from Fudart’s stall was Vigour & Verve offering nachos, burgers and the sort. A couple of stalls from there was Unity Bar’s gourmet street food stand where delicious butter chicken bunnies and kudu boerie rolls kept coming out from. It was a tough decision as to where or what to eat… Eventually, my hunger busters gave way to the incredible looking bunnies. Let’s face it beer and bunnies go hand in hand! The eating doesn’t just stop at those street meals – there were also some sweet treats to indulge in. Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent had éclairs and macarons on offer, while Fudart offered a tasty panacotta delight in a jar! Ballina Ice-cream was also a nice treat to try out.
If you weren’t a big eater and just wanted to snack on something Just Biltongs also had a stall offering beautiful biltong!

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The music
I truly love events that support local bands. The line-up included John Ellis, Calli & Barry Thomson, The Kickstands and to end the rad day off, we enjoyed some of Red Light Stereo. The music definitely added to the ambience and cheer at this event.


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