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Craft Beer Tasting at Robsons

For a young lady that didn’t drink beer so readily, I have changed my tune within this last year. I owe this change of heart to craft beers!

Recently, I was invited to go to a beer tasting at Robsons in Shongweni, and am so glad I got to experience it. The minute we set foot on the property we were greeted by the owner Brian Stewart and taken to the room we were going to spend time in.  It didn’t look fancy, or pretentious – in fact it was a completely laid back environment. In the middle of the naturally lit room was a round beer barrel-table with wooden stools set around it and lots of beer glasses laid out on top. Along the wall were three slightly bigger wooden beer ‘tanks’, if I could call them that.


The beer tasting experience was headed by Brian, who took us through Robsons craft beer history, the procedures they have to go through to ensure the taste and quality is just right and, lastly, we all got to taste the different types of craft beer and ales they make. My personal favourites were the Cheeky Cherry, which I have fond memories of from the SA on Tap festival, Hammer of Thor which would go down really well after a hearty feast (that’s if you have any more room for an after dinner drink), and lastly the East Coast Pale Ale which I found to be not so strong or bitter. Neither of these craft beers made us bloated or gave us a headache.

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My most favourite bit about Robsons craft beers, apart from the really uniquely Durban designed labels, is that each bottle produced has food pairing information on them! Craft beer and food pairings are gaining ground this year, and I am so glad Robsons has embraced it.

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It was such a pleasant afternoon; as the crowd began to get familiar with each other, the beer drinking led to interesting discussions and socializing. This beer tasting experience was something so different to that of a wine tasting, and definitely worth experiencing for yourself.


To find out about craft beer tastings with Robsons, visit www.shongwenibrewery.com, www.facebook.com/RobsonsBeer or Twitter @RobsonsRealBeer

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