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Cargo Hold ushaka Marine

Don’t Miss Cargo Holds love of culinary adventure this month – Celebrating the Port of San Francisco

uShaka Marine World’s Cargo Hold restaurant kick starts 2017 with a gastronomic visit to the port of San Francisco, where most agree this metropolitan is one of USA’s best foodie cities, with a pleasing mix of both historic and nouvelle attractions, ethnic eats and home-grown specialties. The city has been a dining experience since the Gold rush, when prospectors would spend their cash on a “hangtown fry”, a decadent omelet with oysters and bacon.

So without spending a dime on a cruise ticket, show a little love by treating your loved one or friends to the tastes and flavours that our chefs at Cargo Hold have created this February.

Starters are varied, but equally delicious, with options that include; Oysters Rockefeller (served on rock salt); San Francisco Prawn Cocktail (remoulade, cocktail sauce, lemon); Harbour Court Cured Salmon (served with avocado, boiled egg and dill crème fraiche); Marina Yacht Butternut Squash Soup (roasted butternut squash soup with feta ravioli and toasted hazelnuts); South Beach Harbor Grilled Calamari (cucumber-yoghurt raita, spicy rice and roasted red pepper aioli); Coit Tower Beef Carpaccio (parmesan cheese, lemon, olive oil, rocket, balsamic reduction); Cobb Salad (blue cheese, avocado, tomato, roasted chicken, bacon, egg, olives in a red wine vinaigrette) and Vegetable Tian (courgettes, tomato confit, aubergine, avocado, red pepper syrup and basil pesto).

Lip smacking main courses include; Treasure Island Fillet of Beef (seared fillet of beef, potato gnocchi, creamed spinach in a blue cheese sauce); The Wave Organ Kassler Steak (kassler steak, chorizo sausage, bourbon glaze, mashed sweet potato and mustard crème); Traditional San Francisco Fish Stew (fresh fish, mussels, prawns, calamari, garlic, tomato, linguine, shellfish broth); Fort Point Prime Rib (500g prime ribeye steak, hollandaise sauce, French fries, rocket and parmesan salad); Twin Peaks Grilled Lamb Chops (couscous, dried apricots, fig, toasted almonds and spinach); Bay City Fish and Chips (catch of the day, French fries with lemon butter sauce); Grilled Vegetable Stack (aubergine, brown mushroom, red pepper, baby marrow, cous cous, butternut veloute and basil pesto).

Also on the main menu, is an array of seafood platters served with basmati rice, French fries and choice of peri-peri, lemon butter or garlic butter sauces). It doesn’t get much better than this – Fishermen’s Wharf Platter (combination of grilled catch of the day, Patagonian calamari and mussels); Golden Gate Bridge Platter (combination of grilled kingklip, Patagonian calamari and 5 queen prawns); Union Square Platter (one medium grilled crayfish, 5 queen prawns and mussels); Alcatraz Island Prawns (10 queen prawns grilled to perfection and served with peri-peri and lemon butters sauces) or Cargo Holds world famous Admirals Platter (platter for two consisting of crayfish, prawns, mussels, calamari, line fish and langoustines).

To conclude this marvelous journey of gastronomy, desserts include San Francisco Baked Cheesecake (butterscotch sauce, biscuit base and orange syrup); Warm Bay Area Toffee Pudding (butter cake, apple compote and vanilla bean ice cream); Pier 39 Sorbet Trio (mango, coconut and orange sorbet) and San Pablo Panna Cotta (coconut panna cotta, passionfruit sorbet and glazed orange.)

Book now, come hungry, eat up and experience the taste of the mountainous San Fran, Frisco, SF or just plain ol’ San Francisco. Call 031 328 8065/8066 or visit www.ushakamarineworld.co.za

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