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Durban ICC Boasts Stellar Performance Yet Again!

At a media breakfast hosted at the ICC this morning to release the Annual Report, CEO of the ICC, Lindiwe Rakharebe presented the remarkable results of the 2015 fiscal year.


The past fiscal year certainly was a strong one, with the ICC achieving an incredibly strong set of financial results.  The Centre’s efforts have seen revenue of over R157-million, with a growth from last year of over R5.3-million. This was due, in part by the 20% growth seen in events hosted during 2015 compared to the previous year (2014).  More impressive is that the company contributed R4.6-billion to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), showing a 47% growth from the previous year.  Rakharebe also stated that the vast majority of this contribution benefited the KwaZulu-Natal economy directly, by adding R4.5-billion to the province’s Gross Geographic Product (GGP) whilst creating and sustaining 10 874 direct and indirect jobs for the country.

In areas of social responsibility, Rakharebe showed great pride in the fact that the company has also made impressive strides in areas of social responsibility & transformation.  The ICC showed massive improvement in its BBBEE status, going from a level 4 contributor to a level 2 contributor in one year.  The company also showed their ongoing commitment to skills development through their student graduate program – giving both important learning experiences to candidates, but also providing essential work experiences of the incumbents.

The strong management team at Durban ICC has proven that hard work does indeed pay off, and we look forward to watching the ICC grow and dominate conferencing in Africa as they have been for as long as we can remember.

Upcoming Events at the Durban ICC - Highlights
Upcoming Events at the Durban ICC – Highlights

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