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Durban Joins The Million Meal Challenge

It’s something most of us don’t really think about… with the day-to-day rush and our busy lives, we forget that there is GENUINELY a problem, and it IS RIGHT ON OUR DOORSTEP!

It’s difficult to hear and see the problem, we are often so “numb” that we don’t even realise it. There are children in our communities that are hungry, they need help, they need nourishment to be able to learn, to be able to grow.  We cannot make the world a better place without addressing education, but how can we educate hungry children – we HAVE TO feed them first…

In a press conference yesterday it was announced that the city of Durban has joined the challenge, put forward by Stop Hunger Now South Africa, to package a million meals in one day – Nelson Mandela Day (Friday the 17th July 2015 at the Durban ICC).


Head of International & Governance Relations at eThekwini Municipality, Mr. Eric Apelgren went so far as to state that the city would commit, and push as many resources to the disposal of Stop Hunger Now & The Million Meal Challenge as possible, saying “The city of Durban is committed to this cause, and we want to get as much involvement from our private sector here in Durban as possible”

Stop Hunger Now has been around for a long while, addressing poverty and educational hurdles through proper nutrition and integrated programmes that allow Early Childhood Development Centres to enrich their teaching and secure and sanitise their school/creche environment.  SHN SA has over 300 creches on their database, as well as University Students – SHN SA hopes to add to that list by identifying new beneficiaries in KZN who can benefit from their assistance.

Seira Khan, CEO of Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa explained why addressing hunger first is the best course of action;

“A hungry child cannot learn, and if you lose the opportunity to teach a child before the age of five, you are building on a flawed foundation.”

Experts have agreed that the eradication of hunger globally is the single point where we can leverage relief for humanitarian issues…


How can you get involved?

Donate – you can donate here: Donate to SHN SA

Host an Event – Find out how here: Host An Event

Volunteer – There are so many ways you can offer your time to aid the cause Volunteer here

Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa is asking the citizens of KZN to participate, they need corporate involvement – if you are a part of a big company, why not ask your boss to take up the challenge, you can package meals on Nelson Mandela Day, your whole company can! – you too can make a difference & have an amazing team-building experience at the same time!

visit www.stophungernowsa.org for more information


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