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Durban restaurant nominated for Boschendal Style Award!

There’s no mistaking the incredible restaurants we have around South Africa and the level of competitiveness that follows owning a restaurant. Occasionally Durban restaurants do get overlooked in restaurant awards throughout South Africa, but not this time! One of Durban’s longest standing restaurants, Harvey’s, is one of 20 restaurants nominated for the Boschendal Style Awards.


The Boschendal Style Award will be given out on the 16 November at the Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards. This award needs no further explaining really, it’s given to the most stylish restaurant in South Africa.

Harvey’s restaurant has become a part of Durban, having been established 20 years ago. The menu is always changing, making each visit for customers exciting and enjoyable and allowing chefs to be creative in the kitchen. The type of food you can experience at Harvey’s is based on classic and strong flavours, but with an innovative new twist. Whether you look to the food or the decor, you can see there is a strong pull to the classics with a few quirks.

Having found out the news, I caught up with Harvey’s owner Andrew Draper, and this is what he had to say on a few questions asked.

1. As the owner, how did you feel when you found out about the nomination?

I was very proud! We didn’t use any designers except in the Harry’s Bar construction, but the look and feel of Harvey’s has evolved over the last 20 years.

2. What do you believe is Harvey’s ‘style’?

We have never wanted to be ‘fashionable’, having been around for a very long time and planning to be here for many more years to come, we don’t pander to fashionable quirks that may date. We also use a lot of my ‘nick-nacks’ from home, to create the feeling of warmth and the idea that you are a guest in someone’s home. Ceilings are always gold, so that no dust or extractor marks show, dark brooding walls of book cases and leather pillars help with noise and acoustics and the large centre chandelier adds a sense of drama. Bathrooms are also important to us, so ours are lined with leather and have crystal chandeliers.

3. Has Harvey’s style been a work in progress over the years, or have you had this vision all along?

When I look at the original Harvey’s 20 years ago, the same chairs are still being used, floor effect, emphasis on personal quirkiness and art are still very evident. I think Harvey’s is an extension of my home.

4. What do you believe has been the cornerstone for the success of this Durban restaurant?

I think that with any business that’s lasted over twenty years, success is due to consistency and keeping passionate about what we do.


We wish Harvey’s the best of luck and will be holding thumbs for them!

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