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Durban strengthens ties with Sister City Antwerp

Stemming from the excellent Sister City relationship between Durban and Antwerp in Belgium, a delegation of about 30 high-level government officials and business leaders from Antwerp is currently in eThekwini to discuss various areas of cooperation including trade and economic development.

The two-day trade mission to Durban by the Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland, starting tomorrow, 19/11/2014, is led by the Governor of Antwerp, Cathy Berx and the President Voka – Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland, Stéphane Verbeeck.

In a letter to the City CEO at Voka – Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antwerp-Waasland,Luc Luwel said: “The purpose of the visit is manifold. Our participants are interested in the Durban region, in learning from it and in making interesting business contacts, whereas our organisation also wants to pro-actively re-strengthen the friendship ties long existing between our two regions.”

Luwel said the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antwerp-Waasland is, with its 3000 members, the economical driver behind the Antwerp region. Within Belgium’s open and export driven economy, the province of Antwerp accounts for a third of the Belgian exports.

“We pride ourselves on the excellent relations worldwide, and are particularly pleased the longstanding ties with

South-Africa, and in particular with Durban, will now lead to this exciting trade mission,” said Luwel.

Mayor James Nxumalo said the delegations visit to Durban was a great opportunity for the City to present its long-term vision and economic growth strategy in order to strengthen trade relations and attract more investors.

“Growing the local economy and creating employment opportunities remains our core business strategy. We have positioned our Municipality as a key investment destination capable of unlocking development opportunities which have included bringing the marginalised into the economy and providing support to historically disadvantaged communities,” he said.

The delegation will also interact with members of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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