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Durban to the Rescue

A 24-year-old Filipino sailor was evacuated by a SAAF (South African Air Force) military helicopter off the coast of Durban after falling into the cargo hold of the ship he was working on – 50 nautical miles offshore. The man, who was on board the 225m bulk carrier Majorca, sailing from Brazil to Singapore, fell 6m on Monday, fracturing his right leg and head.

KwaZulu-Natal’s Emergency Medical Services was alerted to the incident at 4.24pm, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) said. According to the NSRI, the cargo ship changed course and headed towards Durban for medical assistance.

A KZN doctor assisted the crew with medical advice while Transnet National Ports Authority activated the NSRI Air Sea Rescue Unit. At 6.30am on Tuesday, the NSRI Air Sea Rescue Unit’s SA Air Force 15 Squadron Oryx helicopter flew paramedics out to the ship.

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