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Cereal Killers

Durban’s very own Cereal Killers

This may sound like something out of a movie but this is real life, yes, South Africa has its very own cereal cafe. Huddled in the vibrant suburbs of Berea. The insanely awesome Cereal Killers Cafe is a family owned neighbourhood treasure that serves up a range of Mokador coffees and of course, sweet bowls of breakfast.

They have a really impressive range of cereal options ranging from the usual Oats, Cheerios, Frosties, All Bran to more exciting bowls of Bar One cereal and the very sweet Strawberry Pops which will give anyone an instant sugar rush.

This cafe is lively, with brightly coloured stools, eccentric ornaments and cereal boxes hanging from the ceiling. A feature wall is painted with black chalkboard paint and a surfboard displaying the beverage menu is mounted on the wall.

This surprisingly unique cafe serves up hot breakfast, brunches, lunches, making it a great place to take a break from the office and reboot. This quirky place also has fre Wi-Fi while you enjoy your cereal.

Cereal Killers Café. Photo courtesy of Jan Ras.
Cereal Killers Café. Photo courtesy of Jan Ras.

Source: www.eatout.co.za

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