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Durban’s Pop-up Restaurants

Pop-up restaurants are certainly not a new concept but they have become ever so popular in South Africa. There are many reasons why pop-up restaurants are growing in popularity; it could be the anticipation of not knowing what meals are up for grabs until it’s popped up, or the excitement of being in different surroundings and not limited to the same four walls.

With the array of destinations pop-ups can go to in and around Durban – urban settings, beach vibes or having the backdrop of the mountains – it’s enough to understand why the demand and support of them is growing.

If you are eager to experience a pop-up restaurant in Durban, here are a few pop-ups to keep your eyes on for when they next pop up.


Zak & Tonic
These two passionate foodies recently popped up for four days in Durban’s very own urban garden at The Rooftop Garden at 77 Monty Naicker Street. They can be found at The Morning Trade selling their delicious Nutella pancakes – yes, you heard me Nut-el-la pancakes! If you’re in a dream state already, you better hunt them down, because that’s just a teaser of what these foodies can produce.


Keep up-to-date with their social updates to find out where you can next find them:
Facebook: /ZakandTonic
Twitter: @ZakandTonic


Every dining experience is different from the last; it’s set at a different location, and each experience introduces a new chef, menu and overall dining concept. It’s safe to say that you will never have the same SecretEats dining experience. All you have to do is sign up for your invite; each month a new invite is sent out, however you won’t know where it is, or what you will be eating until that very day! It’s an exciting food concept that has piqued a lot of interest in Durbanites, and South Africans. Seats are limited and they are taken up quickly. The last Durban Secreteats was sold out before the end of the day it was announced.


To find out more about this fun foodie experience follow them:
Facebook: /thesecreteats
Twitter: @thesecreteats


Renegade Kitchen
New to the pop-up restaurant scene, Renegade Kitchen debuted their food at 8 Morrison Street not so long ago. They offer a mobile food experience, focused on good quality, fresh food! I haven’t tasted their food personally but I can assure you, it looks delicious! I can’t wait to see where they next pop up.


To find out when next they will pop up follow them on:
Facebook: /RKitchenSA
Twitter: @RKitchenSA


I can only see these mobile restaurants popping up all over Durban, and I look forward to experiencing them and seeing what new foodie experiences they will offer.

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