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The Estuary Hotel & Spa
The Estuary Hotel & Spa

The Estuary Hotel & Spa – A South Coast Gem!

The view from The Estuary Hotel & Spa
The view from The Estuary Hotel & Spa

Pristine beauty is a rare thing to speak of in today’s mass produced obsessed culture. The Estuary Hotel & Spa is one of those beautiful gems of pristine beauty, no instagram filter needed, found right here on our stunning South Coast of KZN. Surrounded by lush greenery of trees, The Estuary Hotel & Spa personifies the popular phrase R&R. If you want a quick getaway from the city life then The Estuary Hotel & Spa is just what the doctor ordered. 

The facilities on the premises are top notch, there is a spa for those of you who want a rejuvenating massage; there is a chapel as well as a dedicated outdoor space for those who would like a wedding with a difference. For those who like being on the water there are paddle canoes as well as a fishing dock. The beach is a few minutes walk away with a secure gate that is controlled by a security guard. So whether you want to just kick back and relax or you want to explore, there is something for everyone. 


The spa element is managed and owned by the Estuary, offering a wide range of treatments from deep tissue massage to mani’s & pedi’s. The professional staff did a fantastic job of massaging and buffing away any trace of stress. The Estuary Hotel and Spa pride themselves on employing mainly local staff who are incredibly attentive, friendly and helpful. For me, great customer service is the cornerstone of any establishment. The wonderful service we received made our stay that much more enjoyable. 

We were lucky to have amazing weather during our stay, which meant my partner was able to enjoy some quality fishing time, while I indulged in a good book. The establishment has foot-paddle canoes that I especially liked because it meant that my hours on the eliptical machine at gym would finally be paying off. You can take the paddle canoe all over the estuary and get a different view of this breathtaking place and this is an activity I highly recommend. The estuary has an enigmatic charm that has not only captured my heart but has also caught the attention of the head honchos of Netflix, this very estuary was were the movie Mowgli was filmed. All the river scenes you see in the movie were shot at the property adjacent to the Estuary and many of the famous actors and cast members stayed at the hotel, knowing that I have paddled were Baloo and Mowgli once paddled too gives me goosebumps! 

The many pristine river tributaries in and around the hotel property
The many pristine river tributaries in and around the hotel property

Being quite a foodie it goes without saying that the restaurant menu options have to be tasty. The Estuary Hotel & Spa certainly does not disappoint in this arena, everything we had the pleasure of eating was delicious. My personal favourites include the breakfast options of French toast with bacon, cream cheese and maple syrup as well as the classic eggs benedict; the chicken wrap took me ages to eat crammed with sumptuous chicken fillet, sun-dried tomatoes, peppers and other tasty fillings was a real treat. Of course we cannot talk about food at the Estuary and not speak about the delectable pot pie that has quickly become a firm favourite with my partner and I – a calorific dish of creamy chicken enveloped in a hearty pastry, what more could a person ask for? You can just taste when the food is made with love and passion. You can choose to eat any meal overlooking the estuary itself, the undeniable views coupled with the divine food make your dining experience that much more memorable. 

The Chicken Pot Pie from the Fish Eagle Restaurant at the hotel
The Chicken Pot Pie from the Fish Eagle Restaurant at the hotel
Spacious and comfortable rooms with panoramic views of the estuary and ocean

Visiting the Estuary Hotel & Spa is always a pleasure with warm friendly faces at the front desk and staff that are always in a jovial and happy mood tending to their daily duties. The hotel prides itself on being a proudly local job creator with some of the staff being employed for more than 20 years. The management are a  firm believer of education and training with them sending some of their top staff for advanced hospitality training and some staff qualifying from the International Hotel School. You get a sense of family pride as you chat to the many happy faces at the hotel and the bonus of working at The Estuary Hotel & Spa has to be the pristine, tranquil scenery that graces them each and every day. 

The Estuary Hotel & Spa comes highly recommended by 5 Star Durban, feel free to contact them directly for a romantic weekend away, a family vacation or if you just need a mid-week break. This will not be my last time there, I will be going again and again the food, friendly staff and overall majesty of the place have clearly made me a walking, talking billboard. 

Nearby attractions:

Visiting The Estuary Hotel & Spa allows you to settle into the comfort of your hotel room and explore the many nearby attractions. Located within a 15minute drive from the hotel you can find the following:

  • The Wild Coast Sun & Wild Waves Waterpark
  • The Red Desert Nature Reserve, claimed to be the smallest desert in the world!
  • The Umtanvana River
  • Mpenjati Nature Reserve 
  • Port Edward Beach  
  • Beaver Creek Coffee Plantation  (KZN’s very own coffee farm offering a wide range of local and international coffee blends)
  • Mac Banana ( Perfect for the drive in or on your way back to Durban)
Red Desert Nature Reserve - Port Edward
Red Desert Nature Reserve – Port Edward

Things to take along with to the Estuary Hotel & Spa:

  • Sunscreen ( A must for when lazing around poolside or utilising the many outdoor activities)
  • Light Fishing tackle & bait. ( You can purchase tackle & bait from the Spar located in Port Edward a 2 minute drive from the hotel)
  • Swimming shorts or costumes 
  • Camera ( The Estuary is a photographers paradise, bring along your cameras professional/ cell phone, the location is pristine and will make for great photo memories)

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