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eThekwini establishes forum to prioritise safety plan for cyclists

The eThekwini Cycle Safe Forum was launched today, Wednesday, 10 February 2016, at Blue Lagoon where concerned stakeholders came together to develop a safety plan for cyclists.

The interim forum was jointly established by eThekwini Municipality and a number of Durban cycling clubs concerned about the safety of cyclists in the City. The forum hopes to address the current challenges facing cyclists in and around Durban and find solutions to effectively deal with these issues.

Some of the challenges raised by cyclists included the lack of awareness of motorists to be aware of cyclists on the road and to keep a safe distance and drunk drivers who endangered the lives of all road users including cyclists.

Head of International and Governance Relations for eThekwini Eric Apelgren said the forum will be made up of relevant stakeholders including organised cycle clubs from Durban and government stakeholders including the Department of Transport and the Road Traffic Inspectorate, to help make decisions and carry them forward.

The eThekwini Cycle Safe Forum also appealed to recreational cyclists to abide by the rules of the road and Municipal bylaws to ensure that safety is achieved for all.

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