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Famous Denim Heavyweights G-Star Raw Open Up Shop In Durban

In a flurry of media attention on Thursday night, this famous brand opened up their first Durban stand-alone menswear store in Gateway Theater of Shopping, Umhlanga.  The event was hosted for all of us “media folk” to get the first peek at their new store and range, featuring a live DJ, sushi snacks, and delectable Belvedere Vodka Cocktails!


The store decor is strikingly industrial-chic, with attention to detail and clean, crisp lines. For Durban, this is a whole new standard for shopfitting and sets the bar high for future new-comers to Gateway. Trendy denim floor to ceiling is the order of the day, with friendly, energetic shop assistants to help you fine-tune your look.

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In addition to having the coolest new shop in town, the brand also brings the fantastic new G-Star Raw For the Oceans collection, curated by super Producer Pharrell Williams to Durban.  The line is a collaboration between G-Star raw & Williams’ eco-minded company Bionic Yarn. A small part of the range is available in the Durban store, and features jackets, tees, jeans and hats all completely made of fabrics constructed using Bionic Yarn recycled plastics – The plastic that is recycled comes from the ocean, thus helping to reduce the impact of plastic dumping in the oceans.  A noble and earth kind initiative is always a good thing.


The G-Star Raw For the Oceans range is priced much the same at standard G-Star Raw items, and we were amazed at how tactile and luxurious the fabrics felt, not to mention their absolutely adorable tees, featuring lyrics by Pharrell Williams himself, that had me going back and forth over whether my budget could allow it and whether I needed it, as apposed to just wanting that darned shirt so bad I almost cried…We ended up leaving without the shirt – but I shall return, cash in hand soon!


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