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IMG_9868a - Lavender Sunrise

Friday Fan Day Photo Gallery – 19/9/2014

Friday Fan Day Photo Gallery

Our selection of the best pics of Durban and KZN submitted to us this week! We are extremely fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world and to call Durban our home.  So let’s brag a little and show the world just how beautiful it is!

If you would like to have your awesome photos featured here, please send them to us by:

– Email info@5stardurban.co.za

– Post them on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/5stardurban

– Or you can also tag us in them on Instagram (#5stardurban)


Special thanks to this week’s amazingly talented photographers: Andrew Harvard, Denver Govender, Deon Calitz, Kierran Allen, Gavin Fundaro, Devendran Naidoo, Louis Helberg, Wayne Danker and Henry J Starbuck – thank you guys, you rock!

We want to make this a weekly feature so please do keep sending in all the great photos and sharing the love for Durban!

“This is your Durban!” By Andrew Harvard
“Magnificent Durban” By Andrew Harvard
By Denver Govender
IMG_9868a - Lavender Sunrise
“Lavender Sunrise” By Deon Calitz
By Devendran Naidoo
By Devendran Naidoo
Durban Skyline
“Durban Skyline” by Kierran Allen
IMG_7103 ps rs sharp
By Louis Helberg
By Photo Fundi
"Tropical Heat" by Righteous Photography
“Tropical Heat” by Righteous Photography
By Starbucks Photography

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