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Gateway Fire
Pic: Twitter - @ZolisaJ

Gateway Theatre Of Shopping On Fire!


Gateway Theatre of shopping released this statement on social media:


At approximately 14h40 a fire broke out at one of Gateway’s restaurants located on the outside of the mall. Gateway operations and the fire department reacted swiftly and ensured the fire was contained in this restaurant and extinguished. As a precautionary measure, the north side of the mall was evacuated. There were no injuries to any persons on site.

Kindly note that trading has resumed as normal.”

We are so relieved to hear that our emergency services were able to contain the blaze and that no one was injured.

The cause of the fire is still unknown

Breaking News: Gateway Fire!

Twitter was “alight” with the news just a few minutes ago that a fire has broken out in Gateway Theatre Of Shopping.  Pics and videos have been uploaded clearly showing a fire at the shopping complex. No further details are known at this point as to what caused the fire, and fire trucks are on the scene. Update: Latest reports indicate that fire started at My Diners and has now been contained.

Fire at Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Durban



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