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A Pretty Shocking Comparison
A Pretty Shocking Comparison

No More Waste & More Value

Food Waste… it’s something that none of us want to be guilty of. Its the reason we put that food in the tupperware even though we know we’re going to end up throwing it, and the tupperware away in a few weeks. It’s sad, but true that most of us just don’t live a waste free life. It’s one of the symptoms of modern day life I suppose.  It’s always a heartache when I’m trying to prepare a meal, pre packed foods are so expensive and often end up not working out all that well anyway, leading to that dreaded waste!

I’ve always been a fan of pre-packaged and pre-prepared food, I feel that I waste less and I am able to feed my family a variety of interesting eats – and My Chef has blown us away! One of my favourite things about My Chef meals is that there is no waste, and it’s genuinely good value too!

A Pretty Shocking Comparison
A Pretty Shocking Comparison

I’m what you’d probably call a lazy cook – And I’ve become so used to the My Chef way that I’m afraid I’m ruined forever!

Some of our superb meals this past month:

My Chef:

Wholesome Food

Affordable Meals

Generous Portions

Effortless Cooking

More Family Time

Visit www.mychef.co.za to join the many happy clients!

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