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By Andrew Harvard
By Andrew Harvard

Indaba 2016 Durban – Why it’s the most important tourism event of the year

Indaba 2016: Tourism Indaba has become a part of the fabric of Durban in a way – year after year the event has grown, and proven time and again that Durban is the best destination by far for a huge networking event like Indaba.Indaba 2016

This year Indaba 2016 is said to be building up to be the best yet, with changes and adjustments having been made after many years of experience.  Last year Indaba pumped around R200 million into the local economy, most of which benefited the hospitality and tourism industry. This year Bongani Mthiyane, TKZN’s general manager of marketing, speculates that that figure should rise by a further R60 million.

Indaba 2016 is pretty much sold out when it comes to exhibition space, and that’s a very good thing indeed. With over 1000 buyers from across the globe visiting Indaba, there are bound to be far-reaching benefits to the industry. In addition to this, for the first time domestic buyers will be attending the same event, concluding deals for domestic tourism as well.

South African Tourism says that over 9 000 meetings have already been scheduled and 3 000 meetings have been confirmed. This is up by 1 000 when compared to just over 2 000 last year, which equates to 5.3 meetings scheduled per participant; also up from last year’s 3.2Indaba 2016 .

“The response from participants has been encouraging and the numbers are proof that participants are finding matches and scheduling their meetings, showing a great mix of exhibitors and buyers for this year’s event.  These numbers not only demonstrate the power of the event to match participants with buyers, but also the event’s ability to schedule meeting
s. Participants are more active in the system and one reason for this is that returning exhibitors are more comfortable using the system.”

One thing that is sure to stay true is that Indaba is a big deal in the industry, and it continues to be the highlight of the year for many industry players, as this is where the deals happen – where the connections are made, and where Africa gets to put on a show for the rest of the world in the hopes of attracting tourism.  From luxury travel to backpacking and safari’s.  South Africa and Africa are surely proud of the sheer magnitude of this spectacular event. And Durban gets a special opportunity to showcase the very best of our city – which is unchanging in it’s vibrance and natural beauty.

Indaba 2016

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