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By Snapout Photography
By Snapout Photography

It’s Official! Moses Mabhida Stadium will Integrate with The Durban ICC

The Executive Committee today, 24 November 2015, approved the proposal to integrate Moses Mabhida Stadium under Durban’s Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC).

Incorporating the stadium under the ICC was considered the most appropriate governance and management model as it would give the opportunity to maximise on all various potential income streams, there would not be a need to establish a new board as the stadium management would answer to the existing ICC board and the integration process could be achieved within existing timelines.

The Executive Committee was mandated by Council to finalise the matter.

The integration was previously brought before the Executive Committee after being referred for consideration by Support Committees. However, two committees namely the Finance and Procurement Committee and the Community and Emergency Services Committee, still had to deliberate on the matter and convened special meetings to urgently address it.

While the Finance and Procurement Committee approved the recommendation, the Community and Emergency Services Committee deferred the matter for discussion at political party caucuses. The next Community and Emergency Services Committee meeting would be held in February 2016 for a decision to be taken.

However, Deputy Mayor Nomvuzo Shabalala said the matter had been delayed unnecessarily which was having a direct effect on employees.

She said if a decision was not taken immediately, staff contracts would have to be extended.

“The delays are unfair to employees and the administration process. Three Committees have supported the proposal, only one did not,” she said.

Nigel Gumede, chairman of the Human Settlement and Infrastructure Committee said the Executive Committee should make a decision as Council mandated them to do so.

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