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By Knightingale Media & Photography
By Knightingale Media & Photography

Know Your City Schools Project Launched By Durban Tourism

Durban Tourism has developed a travelling exhibition of photographs specifically for schools that is focussed on tourism, development and awareness of our home city, Durban.

The Competition:

The city will also run an essay competition based on the exhibition with prizes for the best essays and a certificate of participation for all learners who enter. We will, wherever possible, spend an hour at each school interacting with learners and discussing aspects of tourism in the City.


  • Show learners how their city has grown and changed over the last 50 – 100 years
  • Show learners how tourism has contributed to city growth and development in the form of infrastructure and urban evolution
  • Create excitement amongst learners in their city and provide them with a sense of historic appreciation as to how their city has changed.
  • Create an awareness and interest in tourism as a career and as a field of interest.
  • Ask our youth to be ambassadors for their city in everything they say and do.

What’s Making This Special:

This travelling exhibition to a wide range of schools in the Durban area over the next few months.

The exhibition will comprise of approximately pull up banners each of which will have images of Durban taken in the past and the present with historical information pertaining to the images and the city as a whole.

What makes this innovative from a design perspective is that unlike normal exhibitions which require panels and mounting and space, this exhibition is truly portable. Durban Tourism recognises that some schools do not have huge spaces, and this design will enable teachers to use the learning material in classrooms, libraries and even corridors if space is limited.

The Essay competition will be judged by Durban Tourism, educators and Industry stakeholders.

Commenting on the launch of this project, Durban Tourism Head Phillip Sithole said that Durban’s economy relied heavily on Tourism, and that an understanding of its importance in the community needed to be gained from an early age. “We need our communities to grow up in a culture of tourism and create a responsible platform for the development of our city by generations to come. As Durban Tourism, we are mindful that we have a legacy to develop that goes beyond the day to day business of tourism.”

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