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La-Vue: Durban’s new 5 Star floating restaurant

Want to do something different; get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, then La-Vue is just what you need. Situated in Durban’s harbour, La-Vue is Durban’s first 5 star floating restaurant. I was recently invited to the pre-opening of La-Vue and am so impressed with how the 85 foot, 2 deck catamaran has been ‘decked out’, the service is impeccable and the dainty food is beautifully presented. 20141102_170205 Let’s start off with the impeccable service, because I find this rare in restaurants. The men that assisted us onto the luxury yacht, took their job so seriously. They were level headed and made sure each individual, in high heels and fancy get up, was able to get down the steep walk way and get onto the luxury floating restaurant safely. We were greeted by a lovely lady who let us explore the catamaran at our own will. Waiters were on high alert for empty looking glasses, and quietly laid low in the background until needed. Everyone was well presented, spoke clearly, and made us all feel warm and welcome. There was no distance they wouldn’t go to ensure we were happy! The snacks on offer were beautifully presented and put together with much care. The kind of food you can expect from this 5 star restaurant is elegant and sophisticated; dinners consist of a 4-course meal, and lunches come as an a la carte mezze selection. What makes their dining experience even lovelier, is that they cater for all dietary needs, as long as you inform them of any before going! So while you enjoy the taste and sounds from this lovely restaurant, you also will enjoy the views of Durban. IMG-20141102-WA0028 20141102_181912 The upper deck was set up as a ‘bar’ area, whereas downstairs had comfortable seats, tables, a dance floor, a DJ area and a bar. The kitchen is set up where one side operates with cold food while the other side deals with the hot meals. The décor is very elegant, white, creams and odd plants arranged around to add that splash of colour. 20141102_171001 I managed to pull the owner, Nick Dranias, to one side and find out how this amazing restaurant all started. “I have been fortunate to travel to many places and through my travels have experienced floating restaurants. I came back to South Africa and wanted to start my own. It has taken 3 years of careful planning and preparation to make this happen,” says Nick. IMG-20141102-WA0029 IMG-20141102-WA0046 Don’t expect anything, but 5 star treatment from the time you get there to the time you leave. It’s certainly something Durbanites should try and experience, even if it is just once!

For bookings, call 062 450 3170 or email bookings@la-vue.co.za

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