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Lambert House – Spectacularly Tasteful & Delightfully Grand

Durban has a new darling – The charming Lambert House, a refreshing change from the ordinary!

Steeped in history, this 118 year old house has been transformed from a grand manor family home into a delightfully grand boutique guest house. Co-Owners Lisa Woodhouse & Willard Maseko manage this beautiful retreat, which has been lovingly restored, updated and decorated by Lisa herself. Lisa had in the past owned her own interior design company, Woodhouse Designs, which certainly shows in every detail.


Once Lisa’s family home, she and Willard meticulously transformed the house into a luxurious 5 suite boutique guesthouse. Each space with it’s own distinct style, and stylish flair. Every fitting, fixture and design element of this hotel pays careful homage to the history and colonial backbone of the property. One of the reasons for this perfection may be the sentimentality that Lisa lent to the space,
“Each of the rooms has been decorated according to my children’s personalities. We have the tranquil Sun Room, the enchanting Safari Room, the exciting Jungle Room, the magical Honeymoon Suite, and the calming Ocean Room. We also have the very sophisticated bar – the Rose Bar” explains Lisa

Lambert House boasts gorgeous terraces, and several calm and relaxing lounging areas, as well as a picture-perfect formal lounge and dining room – perfect for any occasion

Lisa continues, “Lambert House is not just a guesthouse, it’s also an ideal venue, catering to every need of bride-to-be’s, corporate events and exclusive birthday parties and occasions”

One could easily imagine a splendid affair of a wedding, complete with unrivalled,grandiose photo opportunities. Lambert House is a dream destination for weddings indeed. High Tea is soon to be an offering too – and they already offer High Teas for birthdays and special occasions.

This Darling of Durban is truly an absolute retreat – with two heated pools, a warm and inviting kitchen – offering a refreshing personal touch and absolutely breathtaking views over the city.

This guesthouse is definitely right on top – a MUST see indeed!

Lambert House – 210 Lambert Road, Morningside.
(031) 312 5149


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