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Madame Zingara – Forever After Tour Experience

Madame Zingara wows in Durban!

What an epic experience! This show has to go on your bucket list – right now! Every inch of the show is thought through from the AMAZING acts and the professional and fun waitrons, to the props and food. Each element of Madame Zingara is a star of their own. The minute you step on the red carpet you step into a whole new world of extravagance, beauty, fun and laughter.


The set up

Madame Zingara was set up outside Suncoast Casino; you couldn’t miss the huge letters marking the spot. A huge red carpet led us into the magical wonderland, and as we crossed the pink arch our night of magic instantly began. Swan boats, life-like lollipops and mushrooms were propped up as you walked in, a huge lightbulb heart, and big bird cages were set up for fun pictures with friends. Tables filled the extravagant mirrored tent, and a small stage was set in the middle of all of it, and our table was right next to it!

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The main acts

In my mind and I am sure I am not the only one that has this feeling; the acts on stage were not the only main acts. Yes, they were absolutely amazing but so was the service and the food. Add all of this together and you get an awesome evening you will never forget! Firstly, the stage acts were so professional, warming and amazing. I can’t say amazing enough! The hilarious antics of Hot Mr C and his mischievous companion, the Absinthe Fairy, kept the audience on their toes as they got us involved in their acts and once they had us hooked they introduced us to the seriously exquisite acts. The big showbiz voices of the songbirds, the Specifics, who dazzled us while we enjoyed our meals. The main stage acts were absolutely amazing, and often left my mouth gapping in awe of their techniques and ability to define gravity.


I have never-ever-ever-ever had such great service at a restaurant or show like I experienced at this event. From the minute we arrived to the second we left, the waitrons made sure everything ran smoothly. Dressed funky and quirky, they moved swiftly when delivering drinks and food. I was once a waitron and I have no idea how they manage to hold the huge trays of food and still bounce around and weave effortlessly through the tables. They were also so energetic; they made up invisible walls to walk over, if they saw a table needed some livening up, they’d make every effort to cheer them on and get them in the spirit; some waitrons even snuck up on tables and gave them a fright. Their efforts in keeping the tables happy was impressive.

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The food was the other main act! When we were seated at our table we were given our appetizers, which was a meze platter of tiny cup size soups, tzitziki and crispy flat bread, fresh tomatoes and olives and crumbly tarts. For starters we were handed a delightful butternut pasta in a light creamy sauce. There were four choices for mains; the most popular being the lamb shank. As you can imagine it looked succulent, and was very tender. The other popular main was the fillet steak with chilli chocolate sauce and fried Chinese noodles on the side. The desserts did not disappoint either, as we were served the Madame Zingara trio dessert.

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I can’t describe how amazing Madame Zingara is! The next time this act is in town, it is a must to go to. As it makes its way around South Africa, it spreads a li  ttle bit of magic wherever it goes.


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