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Magic Happens with The Magic Bean Foundation

We take a look at a magical little foundation making big differences in the community – The Magic Bean Foundation does so much more than make and sell “stuff” they change lives!

To view the products on offer from Magic Bean Foundation – and to place an order, email info@magicbeanfoundation.com

You can also find them on Facebook HERE 🙂

The Magic Beanginning….

The story begins when Shelley Stievenart decided she wanted to teach her 2 boys how to knit, ‘needleless’ to say I was horrified, so we started brainstorming other areas she could feed her need to create, craft & nurture. We decided that it would be fun to start a coffee club, where we could bring our craft or knitting needles & share skills with one another in the hope that eventually it would branch out to other friends & neighbours, at these ‘workshops’ we would drink large coffees & chat about how we could save the planet & adopt every homeless child. Our main objective was to make something as a group to help the homeless like blankets, scarves or beanies. We soon realised there was so much more to this idea then idle chit chat & knit natter. We could share the same skills we were learning with the homeless & underprivileged to aid sustainability of their own lives. In order to get this ball rolling, We created a formal meeting time which we decided must be every Monday & needed to name the meeting. The magical powers of the coffee bean inspired the name & our little foundation started out as Magic Bean Mondays…


✴ Mentoring & empowering the community to develop skills by sharing knowledge to create improved lives, sustainability & restoring the planet.


✴ Nurturing a happy planet
✴ Restoring wealth to discarded or donated treasures ✴ Magically sharing the power of choice
✴ Relationships rooted in trust
✴ Nurturing Choice Restoring Trust


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