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My Chef
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My Chef is Your Chef…

Changing the game – My Chef

Life can be super hectic at times, and often we lapse into a bit of a rut when it comes to dinners.  My Chef certainly changed that for our family, and they do it for many happy families in Durban.  But what makes My Chef special is that they are so much more than just a food delivery service.

More often than not when I”m scrolling through their weekly menu options, (theres a Tuesday & Friday delivery menu every week) I find myself drawn to all the new and interesting items.  AAAAAND then My Chef has that section – the one that plays on your conscience about what you’re choosing for dinner, it’s called “SELECT, MATCH AND FIT YOUR CALORIE COUNT”.  This section basically feeds you healthy, calorie controlled items – which is good, especially when you’re not always the healthiest eater.  I’m a habitual bad-food eater, I love buttery, creamy, rich foods – but my jeans don’t.  This section has made it easier to watch what we all eat from time to time, for the most part easing my conscience too! And it’s tasty – really amazingly tasty!

Add to this the fact that My Chef has a social presence of note – and I don’t mean “Social Media”, I mean – they really care.  Recently, the Mackay family in westville lost their beloved dad, and husband during a home invasion.  This is a bitterly difficult time for any family, and My Chef stepped in to try and help the family by lovingly sending meals.  They have sponsored a R500 voucher for the family, and I urge all of you reading this to lend a helping hand in the form of a small donation to the meal fund for the family.  In times like these we all know some home-cooked food can go a long way to soothing the soul. Just knowing that people care is very comforting. You can donate here: Mackay family suppers

So you see? One food delivery company has made a huge impact – our family has so much more free time to do “family stuff”, and they are reaching out to comfort our community too…

Also – Check Out their Bulk Discounts here:

My Chef
Image: My Chef

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