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my chef halloween
Group of candle lit Halloween pumpkins in park on fall evening

A Dose Of Spooky – My Chef Halloween

Monday the 31st is Halloween – why not impress young and old with this special selection from the crafty crowd at My Chef?  Orders close on Wednesday 10 am for Friday delivery – so hurry!

I know I can’t wait for the Skull Biscuits and extra cool Goodie Bags – oh and the cupcakes – because you can never, and I mean never have too many cupcakes 🙂

my Chef halloween

Mini Cheese griller Mummie Snacks
6x Cocktail sausages oozing with cheese wrapped in a puff pastry mummie cloth, ready to bake, Oooh Scary!

Jeepers Creepers Jalapeno Poppers
6x crumbed jalapenos stuffed with cheese and crumbed, served with a roasted garlic aioli dip, ready to fry.

Witches Cursed Liver Pate
Our famous creamy chicken liver pate, packed with butter and laced with brandy, comes with some toasted bruschetta. 250g

Zombies Spare Rib Pies
6x Mini Bite size puff pastry pies, packed with braised rib meat in a sticky bbq sauce, ready to bake.

Troll Finger Profiteroles
6x Fat finger size profiteroles, stuffed with bar one mousse, coated in chocolate and toasted almond flakes.

Skull Biscuits
6x Jack Skelington themed shortbread biscuits.

Trick or Treat Goodie Bag Small
Packed with assorted sweets to ward off any Halloween tricksters.

Trick or Treat Goodie Bag Large
Larger size bag packed with more sweets, great for those kids who can’t trick or treat the neighbours!

Halloween Themed cupcakes
6 Spooky themed cupcakes

Order Here: My Chef Friday Menu

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