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Mini Beef and Guinness pot pie

No slaving over a hot stove when you have “My Chef”

My Chef is an online company operating 24/7 that offers a range of healthy
meals delivered to your door every Tuesday and Friday. Meals are specially
designed by registered dietician Julie Thomas. If you have a busy life, are
health and body conscious, wanting healthy meals as part of your exercise
eating programme or want a break from cooking, then this is for you.

There are five top reasons why you should order from My Chef:

Easy: The My Chef website is so simple to navigate and takes on average 6-7
minutes to place your weekly/monthly order. It takes that long to park one’s
car, let alone shop and stand in the queue to pay.

Time: My Chef meals are designed to help save you time in the kitchen. My
Chef meals allow you to spend less time preparing supper and more time with
the family and doing things that you love.

Affordability – My Chef meals are very affordable. Our average meal ranges
between R36 – R38 per person, which may seem normal, but each portion is
designed to feed an adult man and has protein percentage double that of our
competitors. It would be a no brainer to choose My Chef.

Health – My Chef only uses the freshest ingredients to prepare the meals.

There are no preservatives, MSG’s, artificial colourants or fillers to
enhance the flavour and colour of any of the meals. From a healthy point of
view, my chef ticks all the boxes. The kiddie meals have no sodium (salt)
added, allowing kids to explore natural flavours, instead of killing their
taste buds with salty foods. (Commonly found in takeaways).

Saving – Saving money is a daily struggle! How many times do you have to
throw away vegetables and food that has spoilt? My Chef meals give you all
the exact contents/measurements to make the meals. Nothing goes to waste, so
money is saved.

My Chef provides solutions for that busy working couple, new parents, family
of four, single parent or student, and offers the easiest and most
convenient ways to putting a wholesome meal on your table, without burning a
hole in your pocket.

My Chef is not only for the rich and famous. For more information go to

Marinara pizza- musles, prawns, squid heads. Crumbed calamari

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