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One on one with Dep. Min. of Tourism Ms. Tokozile Xasa

The Deputy Minister of Tourism Tokozile Xasa attended the opening of the Durban Tourism & National Geographic “Durban as never seen before” Exhibit at the KwaMuhle Museum in Durban.  Seen as the role-player who’s playing for our side, the side of Durban that is, she has been instrumental in the hosting of the 2015 Tourism Indaba happening in Durban yet again this year.


Dep. Min. Xasa took the time out to chat with me, saying that she is so proud of our country, and of Durban – as it is a cultural melting pot. Xasa says that of only three of this type of show, the Tourism Indaba in South Africa is the only one of it’s kind in Africa – and we therefore should be proud of the cultural diversity that we are able to show the world through the Durban hosted 2015 Tourism Indaba.  She further added that the Ministry for Tourism in South Africa recognises that Durban is the number one domestic tourism destination in South Africa, and that now it is time to find the balance between domestic and international tourism in Durban.

During her speech, Xasa also mentioned that the unrest related to xenophobia experienced in the recent past in the Durban CBD is over now, and that she has high hopes that now is the time to rebuild the city’s reputation.

It has become quite obvious that Durban is on the up-and-up, and with support form national governance, the city is bound to become one of the top African destinations worldwide.  Durban Tourism, eThekwini Councellors & the local media are 100% behind a new view on Durban in the future.

The National Geographic exhibit displays photographs of the City from the 1900’s until present day, reveals some truly spectacular aspects of the city’s history, as well as beautiful depictions of modern – day Durban.

This exhibition will be running for the next three months, so there’s plenty of time to drop in and have a gander at some of the wonderful images!

The KwaMuhle Museum is situated in the very building which was used to house the administration of the “Pass Book” for natives in early South Africa


Durban Tourism; “Be inspired by a photographic journey of delight showing this award-winning tourist destination as it is today, and as it was, generations ago. See images taken on a recent visit to Durban by National Geographic Traveler photographer Krista Rossow, as well as seldom seen archival material from the vaults of this prestigious magazine. Set in the unique and historic KwaMuhle Building, just a hundred metres from the Albert Luthuli ICC, a venue which has its own unique Durban story to tell.

The theme of the gallery shows s Durban as a city that has evolved over the last few years to become internationally recognised as a merit worthy tourism destination. As such the photos will reflect in context the many and varied activities the city has to offer.

There will be a combination of the archival images from National Geographic which will portray Durban as a rapidly evolving smart city – a combination of colonial, Indian, Zulu heritage that has preserved its uniqueness but at the same time, fully up to date in the modern world.

The gallery will exhibit some expansive and contextualised images of the city taken in good light that show – the cityscape, the harbour, overall views of our entertainment zones, cultural attractions, parks, gardens, beach views, shopping zones, markets.

The images will also show some of Durban’s unique blend of new architecture and facilities, as well as its heritage architecture. A mix of modern and colonial.

The Kwa Muhle Museum, once the headquarters of the Cities infamous Native Administration Department and the center of Durban’s harsh system of labour control has been transformed into a museum seeking to reflect Durban’s urban growth, and the history of its residents from a range of perspectives.

Visit the KwaMuhle Museum and discover what life was like in and around Durban during and leading up to the apartheid era. Ponder over the exhibits which include photographic prints of township life, and reflect on the contributions of the ordinary people who laid the foundations of Ethekwini’s development as one of Africa’s leading cities”


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