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Pay for your parking via your phone at The Pavilion

Shoppers at The Pavilion will soon be using their phones to pay for their parking.

The mall attracts around 1,8 million shoppers every month so you can imagine the amount of people who stand in long queues to pay for their parking tickets. MasterCard came up with a genius way to pay for parking tickets using your phone and it’s called MasterPass.

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According to MasterCard, MasterPass is the first of its kind in South Africa and Durban will be first in the country to facilitate it…exciting, I know.

“Using digital payments to pay for parking removes the frustration that all shoppers experience at some point, including long queues, not having enough coins or the parking payment machine not accepting notes,” the payments company said.


In order to pay using their phones, shoppers scan a QR code on their parking ticket using the MasterPass smartphone app. Shoppers then enter the parking number, choose a pre-loaded payment card to complete the transaction and enter their pin or request a one time pin and off they go.

The MasterPass app works on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry app devices only,so if you don’t have a smartphone you better hurry up and get one or you’ll still be queuing to pay for your parking ticket!

Source: www.techcentral.co.za

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