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Poke Durban

Poke Bowls “Pop Up” at Surf Riders

A trend that is sweeping the globe, Poke has made landfall on Durban’s shores at everyones favourite beachfront haunt – Surf Riders Café!

Not “poke” like the always awkward Facebook feature, but “POH-keh” — a raw fish salad, seasoned any way you want it.

While it may seem like a new trend, this simple and addictive Hawaiian dish has been around for centuries. It’s basically Hawaii’s favourite food and for good reason: Poke is healthy, delicious and totally unique.

Surf Riders is running this Poke pop up 7 days a week and I can tell you it is JUST the ticket for Durban’s balmy beach weather – superbly crunchy and full of great textures and fresh flavors – I never knew something could actually TASTE of goodness – and these Poke Bowls really do!

The Surf Riders Café menu offering below, is a 5 protein option pop up, in 2 ways: open deconstructed sushi bowls, full of flavour and punch similar to open bowl salads or wrapped in a burrito style cold sushirrito.

Poke Durban
A delicious, fresh Tuna Poke – unparalleled freshness!

Poke Pop up Menu – Hawaiian Sashimi Bowls

Sashimi | You Choose

  • Ahi tuna sashimi
  • Tiger prawn steamed
  • Fresh mussel steamed
  • Smoked chicken

Your Sauce & Crunch

Poke Ponzu | Sesame |  Sweet Citrus |  Classic | Japanese Mayonnaise | Soy | Ginger |  Green Herb Goodness | Red Onion | Crunchy Green Pistachio | Luscious Lemon Squeeze

Your Toppings

Edamame Beans | Spring Onion | Mushrooms | Avocado | Chives | Seaweed Salad | Cucumber | Sea Salt Flakes | Wasabi Paste

Your filler

Sushi rice base

Time to get your POKAYYYYYY ON!

Poke Durban
Prawn Sushirrito!

For more information contact Surf Riders Café:

Facebook <— Click Here

Or call them on 071 376 8684 or 031 825 8528

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