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Remo’s Originale’s new Pasta Factory addition

Well-known Italian bistro, Remo’s Originale in Mount Edgecombe underwent a thrilling face-lift, revealing a Pasta Factory as a new addition.

This exciting addition to the restaurant will make penne, tagliatelle, linguine, fusilli, spaghetti and all these pastas will all be made from scratch daily. Customers will have the option of taking their fresh pasta home or ordering it off the menu and indulging at the restaurant.

Guests who prefer pastries and artisanal breads can look forward to these treats being brought in from Old Town Italy’s bakery every morning. Their selection of breads and pastries include the much-adored Remo’s cronuts.

The little ones can look forward to taking part in pasta-making classes at the Pasta Factory next month. They’ll get to be miniature chefs as wear a mini chef’s apron and learn the basic foundation of Italian cookery while their parents enjoy a scrumptious bowl of ravioli and an espresso.

The Remo’s family opened up Remo’s Originale back in 2007. They also went on to open Remo’s Maximilliano and Fratelli Villaggio. What started as a simple café, with a small menu has now turned into an energetic Italian-style restaurant.

A new menu has been established but owner Renzo Scribante assures his customers that he and his team have kept the most adored dishes.  Renzo says he aims to give customers a quality of pasta that is quite unsurpassed, and that meets the growing demand for high quality, fresh, locally produced food.

Source: www.eatout.co.za

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