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Rodriguez – Who said old age is boring!?

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, the Mexican American folk singer who was oblivious to the fact that he had captured the hearts of millions in South Africa and Australia… Most know the story, and fans have been overjoyed at his willingness to perform night after night in his autumn years.

The Sugarman legend performed two sold out shows in Durban recently, and amazed and delighted audiences with his trademark “shy on stage” and “easy going” presence.  It was my first opportunity to watch him live, and I was awestruck at his pure passion for music, and his down-to earth onstage persona – cracking jokes and generally enjoying himself. The show ended on a high note, with standing ovations and roaring crowds.

One thing’s for sure, I hope I’ll be just as vibrant and full of life at, as he puts it, “a solid 73 years old”

Rodriguez performing in Durban at the Durban ICC on 31/01/2016. Pic by Julian Carelsen Photography
Rodriguez performing live in Durban at the Durban ICC on 31/01/2016. Pic by Julian Carelsen Photography

The audience was also treated to the sounds of songstress Alice Phoebe Lou as his opening act, embodying honest songwriting and raw crisp vocals. Alice, originally from Kommetjie in the Western Cape she has travelled abroad and found a new home in Berlin, where she is a street musician.

It’s good to see a legend like Rodriguez coming together with artists like Alice, and I just love that he has a different band in every country, Calling them “accomplished musicians in their own right”… Rodriguez certainly gets a standing ovation from me!


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