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Stacked Eatery Umhlanga

Stacking up a treat – The Best Waffles In Town!

A brand new eatery in uMhlanga is bound to thrill – With, in my opinion the very best waffles in Durban, Stacked Eatery is a quaint little spot, with trendy, minimalist decor and plenty of smiles on offer.  That minimalism belies the fact that there is a huge selection on offer.

The menu features waffles and flap jacks or as they call them “Waffle Stacks” and “Jack Stacks”.  Also on offer are savoury waffles stacks – think; Burgers and Chicken Mayo. Actually, it’s quite an extensive menu for a place that serves waffles and “jacks” as they call them – of course it does make it hard to choose with 12 different flavor combinations and then the added anguish of deciding on an ice cream flavor or two as well… And THAT is some good ice cream! In addition there is also a good selection of breakfast and toasted sandwiches as well as a cute kiddies menu.  See their menu here : Stacked Eatery Menu.

Stacked Eatery has quickly become a favourite haunt of ours – and that double fudge waffle stack is the reason I have to work out so much now…

Go and treat yourself to the best waffles in town!

Address: Shop 9, 31 Zenith Drive – Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal

Call:083 288 7261

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