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The Brow Queen Unaisa and her Durban team at The Brow Bar Durban Launch
The Brow Queen Unaisa and her Durban team at The Brow Bar Durban Launch

Talk about Brows! The Brow Bar Takes Over Durban

It’s not often that Durban really has something to talk about when it comes to beauty and wellness, but wow do we ever have ourselves a conversation starter here!
The Brow Bar Durban opened recently to much fan fare and excitement!
A totally new concept for Durban, and not a minute too soon!  Brows are a big thing, I can honestly say that I never thought brows would be such a big part of my life, let alone a worldwide phenomenon!

The Brow quest began when Brow Queen and lash expert herself, Unaiza Moideen, noticed a clear demand for her eyebrow shaping services. Clients would come from far and wide to shape their brows. Armed with her unique threading technique and expertise Unaiza began her mission to educate people about threading, and launched her first Brow Bar at Clearwater Mall. And the rest is history as they say, with more branches opening around the country, there really is no excuse for bad brows anymore….


With perfect eyebrows being such a hot topic right now it really is the perfect time to visit The Brow Bar,  from first hand experience I can honestly say that having beautiful eyebrows has completely changed my face, and I got to see a few transformations whilst at the launch too – The Brow Bar’s unique concept means that you no longer need an appointment, you can just walk in and have your brows, designed, threaded (because waxing is so last season) and, with an appointment, even micro-blading (which is a kind of tattoo of individual hairs that makes you look like you’ve got amazing brows 24/7).




Services offered range from simple brow shaping, threading and tinting to lash and brow extensions and so much more.  Their express services are bound to impress.

So what is threading? Threading is most natural, no side effects, non-chemical way of hair removal. Commonly practiced in Eastern countries like Egypt and India, the revolution has reached SA. Threading removes the entire hair follicle, lasting up to six weeks. Simply using a cotton thread, it is the most natural way to take care of your brows as there are no chemicals applied to the skin. Threading is great for people with ‘trouble’ brows and has this amazing ability to be so concise in the hair that it removes.

It’s a refreshing change to find an establishment that specialises in the art of brows, and with their excellent training and straight-forward approach the experience should have you loving your brows for sure.

The Brow Bar Durban is situated in La Lucia Mall on the upper level, so pop in, (because you don’t need an appointment!) and have your brows designed – you’ll never look back!

With a slew of famous fans and ambassadors, from Mini Dlamini to Mrs World 2016, South African, Candice Abrahams.   And their brows and lashes are certainly on point!


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