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The Mercury Wine Week

When wine tasting, I always feel rather posh. I’m not claiming to be a pro at wine tastings, and try my best not to be a ‘poser’, but when holding a wine glass and sipping on all the different blends of delicious wine, I can’t help but feel quite sophisticated and impressed with my palette when identifying flavours!

The Mercury Wine Week executed a three day extravaganza of wine indulgence. As you walked into the event, one immediately felt elegant and sophisticated! People were dressed for the occasion, and you could tell there were some serious wine drinkers attending. Not only were there many wine drinkers, there were over 100 stalls showcasing different wines. It was truly an impressive turn out!

The feature wall of wines displayed was a statement of its own; it was a beautiful backdrop for this event. Wine stalls like KWV were pairing their wines with Lindt chocolate…. I know, who could go wrong with chocolate and wine! While Fairview were showcasing their delicious wines and cheese. Other wine stalls showcasing their best were, to name a few; Slanghoek, Meinert, Laborie, Wildekrans, Swartland, Simonsvlei and Spier. Checkers, a sponsor of this event, was set out with an array of wine collections and cheese. This event did not miss a beat. Some wine stalls allowed you to purchase a bottle then and there, while most required you to buy a case and would only have them delivered to you thereafter.

There were four master classes set up for the evening, which took place in the Wine Theatre. These master classes were inclusive in the ticket and were set for each evening. Seats were limited to 30 for the theatre shows, and they were booked on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis, so it was vitally important to stand in the queue, to make sure you had a seat for the master class you wanted to attend. The master class attended was the second one of the evening, hosted by Creation and called What’s in a glass? It was a fascinating master class, which showed how wine could taste differently in different size and shape glasses. Who would have even thought?

One round of tasting all the wines on display, could easily get people pickled; so the food was important too. Despite there being delicious olives to pick at and purchase when passing a stall, or cheese on display to taste, there weren’t too many choices for food besides Cape Town Fish Market and Vigour and Verve. They did, however, fit in with the elegance and sophistication of the event, but I thought there could have been more choice.

Overall, the entire experience was educating and enjoyable. Everyone that attended the Mercury Wine Week can safely say they left having been educated on tasting wine, wine in general and using different food with wine. There was so much to take in and taste; your palette would have been taken on a journey for sure!

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