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The Most Romantic Day Ever

With our anniversary coming up, (and Mr.’s birthday two days later)  I really wanted to treat the special man in my life to an unforgettable and even ridiculously awesome day .

I settled on the idea of a romantic picnic, but soon discovered that it would simply take far too much to organize behind Mr.’s back – so, I set to work finding someone who could help me in that department, and lucky for me a quick Google search revealed the most wonderful company in Durban! Dial-A-Picnic is just epic!

Caryn was attentive and helpful and always considerate – to my great surprise.  We went all out on this package, starting with a scenic flight along the coast from Virginia airport – which was mind blowing! From there we went to the botanical gardens, where Mr. was surprised by the most beautiful picnic, champagne and chocolates abound – perfectly complimenting our feast of cheeses, beautiful artisan bread and amazingly delicious cold meat. the food was to die for! I felt like such a cool human being at that point… Dial-A-Picnic helped me to knock his socks off!

Definitely the best romantic thing I’ve ever done, with a lottle bit of help from a really awesome lady! I topped that amazing picnic off with a romantic dinner for two at the gorgeous Harvey’s restaurant in Umhlanga, where we feasted on amazingly lovely Salmon, and perfect Fillet, accompanied by delightful cocktails. We indulged in dessert, and happily were accommodated and given two fortune cookies – home made, and filled with quirky “fortunes” from the hilarious mind of Andrew Draper himself!


For more info on Dial-a-Picnic, check out their website: http://www.dialapicnic.co.za/

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