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Thirteen East Coast Eatery
Marco Nico with the legendary Pork

An Ode to Local, Natal-Bred Pork – Thirteen East Coast Eatery

Thirteen East Coast Eatery

Thursday the 22nd September will be a night to remember at the new Thirteen East Coast Eatery.

Head Chef (and owner) Marco Nico is offering a four course dinner dedicated to a fantastic heritage breed of locally bred pork – “Kolbroek”

Kolbroek is one of only two breeds of pigs that are considered indigenous to South Africa, often referred to in the old days as a Lard Pig by virtue of its huge accumulation of fat. They are shorter and much smaller than the average factory-farmed pig. So where does the name originate you ask? Well, there are a few theories – the most popular being that a sailing ship, belonging to the Dutch East India Company was wrecked off the coast at Cape Hangklip in 1778 and that the pigs on board fell into the hands of farmers who had settled in the area. The name of this ship was the Colebrook.

This locally bred pork is totally free of antibiotic & cruelty free.  Kolbroek pigs are slow-maturing and late developers, this gives the meat and fat a unique and high quality flavour and texture.

The menu is certainly enticing!

Octopus, Sea Molusks and foraged coastal greens served a natural, organic lemon aioli.  Ravioli of guanciale in broth,  And the  main course of a fantastic, slow food pork done in 3 styles; Porchetta alla Romana, Greek souvlaki and Spanish Pimento Roast pork. To finish the experience – an unpasteurised butter, pear and ginger crumble with Uitkyk 10 year old brandy ice cream.

Thursday the 22nd September

R260 per person

Only 50 seats available.

Tel 0824451213 for reservations.

Thirteen East Coast Eatery

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