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Top Gear Team Spotted in Durban!

Not too long ago Matt Le Blanc, one of the new hosts of the ever popular Top Gear Show said that he would just love to shoot in South Africa – well… it seems as if the producers have made his dreams a reality – in our awesome city of Durban!!!!!

First, we spotted a pic shot by the ginger powerhouse – Chris Evans of TFI Fridays and now also a member of the new Top Gear lineup.  Evans’ pic is of our lovely uMhlanga Rocks Drive – in what looks like the Ridgeside area.

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We also spotted a pic uploaded by Le Blanc of somewhere green and grassy – maybe KZN?  Looks like the Midlands or Drakensberg to us!

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Filming for the new season has already started according to the Daily Mail: “the new series will see the Top Gear crew globetrotting through countries such as Norway, Kazakhstan, Scotland, South Africa, Morocco and Cuba.”

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