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Vivo Umhlanga

Vivo Umhlanga

Vivo Umhlanga announced itself with a bang on the 3rd December, hosting a prestigious launch event that included life size champagne pouring ice sculptures, Mardi Gras dancers, designer cocktails and a live performance by local hip hop artist Da L.E.S.

Vivo Umhlanga Vivo Umhlanga

Situated at 15 Lagoon Drive (the site of the old Ocean Basket), Vivo’s Umhlanga describes itself as “Durban’s most luxurious restaurant offering modern cuisine and designer cocktails, combining sophistication and euphoria”

Vivo Umhlanga Vivo Launch 3

“If only there was somewhere where the sophisticated couple could go out and enjoy a delectable meal, accompanied by a premium glass of liquor or a designer cocktail- while still enjoying an opulent hint of the nightlife experience. . . Introducing Vivo Umhlanga, the one and only prestigious modern cusine restaurant and cocktail lounge in Durban that combines both sophistication and euphoria. 

Vivo Launch 1
Vivo Launch Night

Vivo Umhlanga aims to fill that evident gap in the market, where their clients are not only able to enjoy a delectable fine dining experience throughout the day, but also enjoy designer cocktails and a unique vibe after hours. 

Vivo Umhlanga Vivo Umhlanga

Not only do they ensure their modern cuisine dishes are paired with only the best wines to treat one’s palate, but they ensure that every dish on their delectable menu leaves you with a different experience.”

Vivo Umhlanga Vivo Umhlanga

Vivo Umhlanga
Address: 15 Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga Rocks
Phone: 031 561 2387

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