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When you prefer knots to km/h…

The 5 Star Durban “Crew” were recently treated to a Durban Harbour tour by Boating World.  We found ourselves on board one of their many offerings, a pre-loved Riviera 37.  Now before I bore you with boat-speak – it was only a two hour tour, and by the end of it I was contemplating selling our home and living on a boat like this!

Every detail was spectacularly well-planned, with space for pretty much everything you could ever need, and then – for good measure, there are features like an air-conditioner, a stove, an ice maker, a live bait tank and so much more!  I half imagined myself on a slightly larger yacht, just sailing over to Europe.  Not likely, but a girl can dream right!?

The lineup that Boating World offers is impressive, from pre-loved pre-owned luxury cruisers, to fishing boats and sport boats.  Even Super Yachts if thats your fancy… Boating World offers the biggest selection.  If you have the budget you could even take your pick of many international brands too!

The staff at Boating World Durban is the nicest bunch of people you will meet in boat sales, and I’m convinced they’d find you whatever you are looking for.  From the look of it, most of the offerings from Boating World will satisfy any taste and need.

On our trip we also tried our hand at fishing – harbour fishing is a little yuck, but the boat was so perfect for it, you’d swear it’s meant for fishing 😉  With rod holders, great seating and plenty of extras.  And let me tell you, the power that those engines produce is enough to blow anyones hair back! I’ve heard that one could even surf in the wake!

One day when I grow up and have money for things like boats, my first stop will be Boating World Durban… Seriously…

Have a look at what they have on offer here: boatingworld.co.za


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