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Spiced Pumpkin and Brown Butter Pecan Nut Icing

9th Avenue Bistro & Wicked Donuts – A match made in Heaven!

Renowned fine-dining restaurant and Durban institution; 9th Avenue Bistro has teamed up with Wicked Donuts to create a revolutionary line of “9th Avenue Collection” DOUGHNUTS!


If you’re anything like me, the mere mention of this will have you accepting that you will, probably soon, have to buy new pants (bigger ones) haha!

Unfortunately for us, but really amazing for the duo, last weekend ALL of the 9th Avenue Bistro doughnuts had sold OUT by the time I got there – so we had to wait an entire week for our first taste of something amazing…

Lucky for all of us; long time friends Gina Neilson (9th Avenue Bistro), and Jeanne Brooks9the (Wicked Donuts) have decided to combine their mutual love of food and create these magnificent doughnuts.

9th Avenue Collection at Wicked Donuts

The first doughnut of the 9th Avenue Collection was an interesting sounding spiced-pumpkin doughnut with candied pecan nuts and browned-butter icing. Well… Let me tell you that it is one of the most delicious things I have ever had the privilege of stuffing in my face – and certainly of unparalleled complexity and flavour! The gentle, signature softness of the Wicked Donut, with the beautifully creamed butter icing, and the most delicious ooze of spiced pumpkin from within… I could write a book about this doughnut – really!  This little puff of heavenly goodness almost turned me into a vegetable eater!

The first 9th Avenue Collection Donut at Wicked Donuts

Lined up in the following weekends to come, the collaboration will see some very appetizing creations head our way. Plum & elderflower, with an elderflower glaze, candied plums and bitter chocolate;  burnt miso and butterscotch with lemon curd and white chocolate; roasted white chocolate and thyme  – all of these evoke a sense of gastronomic adventure one wouldn’t usually associate with a doughnut, but I can tell you that I will be front and center at my local Wicked Donuts store every weekend for my fix!!

These AH-MA-ZING doughnuts will be available at Wicked Donuts stores on WEEKENDS ONLY and the flavour changes every second weekend so keep a keen eye on Wicked Donut’s9th Avenue Bistro’s social media

Wicked Donuts and 9th Avenue Bistro collaboration


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