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About 5 Star Durban

covers2.indd5 « Durban is a fresh, new approach to tourism in Kwazulu-Natal, and we are absolutely passionate about what we do, we are set to change the way international & domestic tourists see Durban.

We have genuine ZULU culture.
We have the most AH-MA-ZING beaches! And yay! The water’s warm enough to actually swim in!
We have the laid back, welcoming, chilled atmosphere that keeps people coming back.

There are so many things to offer in KZN – bet you didn’t know you could take a tour of a sugar mill, or go and explore the smallest desert in the world, or see some of the oldest rock paintings in Africa, or that you could get up close and personal with Africa’s wildcats, or even see the elephant with the worlds’ longest tusks!

KZN offers hundreds of unique activities and attractions, not to mention arguably the most beautiful stadium – and sunrises!

It is our not so secret mission at 5 « Durban to change the opinion about Durban, and uncover all the awesome stuff we can possibly find to do in KZN.


  • Detailed Maps (that are actually useful!)
  • Interesting articles (to keep you occupied while you wait for your chauffer driven ride – or even the cab)
  • Listings For:
    • Hotels (we only list quality, so you know you’ll enjoy your stay)
    • Restaurants (we know all the best places in town, so you’ll eat like a Zulu King)
    • Bars & Nightlife (party like a rockstar, and know we won’t send you somewhere dodgy)
    • Shopping (coz who doesn’t just love taking home something with memories attached to it?!)
    • Museums (brush up on some fascinating history, and learn about our heritage)
    • Art Galleries (We have serious talent here in KZN…)
    • Jewellers (lasting memories are made of Diamonds, Tanzanite & Gold! – wink-wink, nudge-nudge!)
    • Markets (Durban boasts some of the best!)
    • Entertainment (catch a show at the theatre, or roll with laughter at a live comedy show)
    • Excursions, cruises & helicopter tours (YUP! WAAAOW! RIGHT!?)
    • What’s On (A proper scoop on what’s happening and where)
    • Spa’s & Wellbeing (fancy a treat 5 « Durban style?)
    • Services & Info (we’ve got you covered – from taxis to ambulances)
    • Listings all over KZN (why not take a little road trip to see all that KZN has to offer?)