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Jeera Afternoon Tea

The epitome of experiential dining – Afternoon Tea at Jeera

For better or worse experiential dining has taken the culinary world by storm, with restaurants around the globe adopting a more interactive experience for diners. Restaurants have even gone so far as to offer “the experience” as their only real calling card – but lets not forget just how truly enveloping a truly great learning and dining experience can be.  Jeera at Suncoast Towers Hotel has truly captured the essence of a Durban Indian inspired afternoon tea, with the focus being on pairing a variety of teas with delicious eats that will truly transport your palette with the spice and flavor of India. Each group of Afternoon Tea Guests will be served “family style” at their table – so none of this buffet business, you’ll be served your tea like royal-tea!

We were fortunate to be invite to experience the Jeera Afternoon Tea firsthand, and I can honestly say that although the savoury morsels presented are absolutely delicious – with much care and thought going into their preparation and presentation – by far the winners of the afternoon tea have to be the selection of sweet tarts and delicacies. Little bite sized pieces of heaven! Infused with spice and flavor so subtly that it wouldn’t offend even the most sensitive palette – the sweets platter is a symphony of flavors that pair incredibly well with the vast choice of black, white and fruit teas.  The Afternoon Tea also offers some lovely non-alcoholic cocktails, bubbly, and of course that unbelievable experience.

The Afternoon Tea at Jeera is really one that everyone should try – it’s a testament to the skill and passion shown by Executive Chef Sandren Govender.

Jeera Afternoon Tea

“Every detail has been considered in providing a truly remarkable dining experience. We excited to see our guests being taken on a journey through tea, spice and confectionary which perfectly combines traditional and eastern” says Lettisha Singh General Manager, Suncoast Hotel and Towers.

“When we started on the Afternoon Tea journey we wanted to make sure we pair the Jeera tea selection with just the perfect treats and provide a really comprehensive dining experience for all guests to enjoy. We introduced some new flavours of teas, a combination of bitesize treats, refreshing cocktails and also creatively kept in the classics” shared Executive Chef Sandren Govender.

Jeera’s Afternoon Tea is served any day of the week, and at only R 210 per person, one doesn’t have to wait for those special occasions to indulge in some afternoon tea delight.

Bookings are essential and will be only be available for groups of four or more. For more information, contact Seshnie Padayachee on (031) 314 7878.

Jeera Afternoon Tea Jeera Afternoon Tea

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